Equity Partner

Founded in 2001, Incofin manages funds and investments in emerging countries, driven by a desire to promote inclusive progress. The investors of Incofin are leading development funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, alternative investment funds, high net worth and retail investors.

With 5 offices worldwide and more than 25 nationalities in a 70 people team. Incofin is a respectful, accessible and practical investor.  They are closely aligned to the business and social goals of investees and can be relied upon to be the first point of call for assistance. They are responsive and swiftly translate investees’ aspirations into actions and solutions.

 With more than 30 equity investments, over 10 exits, and in excess of 110 debt investees, Incofin have helped build and support solid institutions serving millions of clients globally, especially enterprises in rural areas and smallholder farmers.

Debt Partners